Alaska Pediatric Oncology – Here for You.

Our team is committed to caring for children with cancer and blood disorders while providing wholehearted support to their families. We understand the profound challenges that you face when a child has cancer, and we bring compassion, care, and world-class knowledge to every situation.

Making sure your child receives the highest level of care is our priority, and thanks to our participation in the Children’s Oncology Group network, we can provide state-of-the-art treatment. If you’re facing a rare case in which your child needs more advanced care than we can provide in Alaska, we can facilitate treatment with experts within our network around the country.

Our group has experience treating a wide array of cancers, and you can depend on us for expertise, understanding, and care.

  • Bone Cancer – Osteosarcoma and Ewing Sarcoma
    • Typically showing up in the teen years, this type of cancer appears at the ends of long bones like the femur. Symptoms include pain and swelling around the joint, especially at night.
  • Blood Cancer – Leukemia
    • Accounting for 30 percent of childhood cancers, leukemia is the result of “sick” blood cells produced in the bone marrow. It causes nose bleeds, infections, unexplained fevers, and fatigue.
  • Neuroblastoma
    • Commonly affecting children under five years old, this cancer shows up as tumors caused by cells that don’t develop correctly in-utero.
  • Wilms Tumor
    • Typically found in children under six years old, this kidney cancer reveals as nausea, lack of appetite, and swelling or lump in the abdomen.
  • Lymphoma
    • This cancer of the immune system can be Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins type, and the most common treatment is chemo.
  • Ovarian Cancer
    • Cancer of the female reproductive organ(s) that is often treated with an oophorectomy, the surgical removal of the ovaries.
  • Testicular Cancer
    • This cancer of the male reproductive organs is treated with an orchiectomy, the surgical removal of the affected organ(s).

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We want to empower you to make wise, informed decisions for your child. Feel free to dig into the resources below and meet with us to talk through the best path forward.