As parents ourselves, we have an abiding empathy for parents whose children are going through cancer. The questions, worries, frustrations, and overall heartbreak can be overwhelming. As expert oncologists/hematologists, we not only excel in the medical side of treatment but also the emotional side. We know that you, your child, and your family need more than diagnostic tests and treatment plans — you need comprehensive support.

While there are many resources at your disposal, we’re passionate about making sure you get what you need as a parent. We’re also passionate about helping young patients navigate cancer treatment. If you’re a parent, we can help you learn how to talk about cancer with your child the correct way for his or her age. We can help you prepare your child for the changes that happen due to treatment like hair loss and weight changes.

As pediatric cancer specialists, we understand that it affects everyone involved, and parents often end up at the nexus of the emotional storm, having to deal with their emotions and the emotions of everyone else. Getting support and taking care of yourself is key, but it can be easier said than done. We’re here to help. Choose the team who will put your interests first and go the extra distance to meet the needs of you and your child.